First drug that can slow down Alzheimer's disease takes step forward 7 months ago

First drug that can slow down Alzheimer's disease takes step forward

An American drug company says it has created the first drug that could slow down Alzheimer's disease.

US drug company Biogen has announced that it will soon seek regulatory approval in the country for a "groundbreaking" drug that could slow down Alzheimer's disease.

The drug, which is called aducanumab, would be the first of its kind, as no existing drug can slow down the disease. However, some can improve conditions.

Biogen plans to file the paperwork in early 2020 and has its sights on making it to Europe as well.

This development is quite surprising, as the company had discontinued work on the drug in March of 2019, after disappointing trial results.

But the company has said that new analysis of the same studies shows that a higher dose of the drug can provide a "significant benefit" to patients, slowing their clinical decline so they preserve more of their memory.

Bigoen's shares have risen by 27% since the news was announced.

"This large dataset represents the first time a Phase 3 study has demonstrated that clearance of aggregated amyloid beta can reduce the clinical decline of Alzheimer’s disease, providing new hope for the medical community, the patients, and their families," said Dr. Anton Porsteinsson, William B. and Sheila Konar Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neuroscience, director of the University of Rochester Alzheimer's Disease Care, Research and Education Program (AD-CARE), and principal investigator.

They continued: "There is tremendous unmet medical need, and the Alzheimer’s disease community has been waiting for this moment. I commend Biogen, the FDA, the medical community, and the patients and their study partners for their persistence in working to make today’s announcement a reality."

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland also praised the news, saying that "hope is on the horizon".