Study finds that men who work out more have lower sex drives 3 years ago

Study finds that men who work out more have lower sex drives

Sex! Now that we've got your attention, lets talk about sex...

We know that there are people out there who go to the gym and workout and it is for health reasons or enjoyment reasons and all good things like that.

It also helps that it generally tends to make people more attracted to you, and there are a certain percentage of people who seem to ONLY work out for that reason, which is also totally fine, each to their own.

But it turns out that those who take their workout game a little too seriously might be causing negative side-effects, as a recent study has discovered.

According to the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (and with a title like that, we're inclined to believe them), there were 1,000 men questioned about their workout regime and sexual appetite, and found that men who take part in intense endurance training had a greater chance of having a lower libido than those who took part in low-to-mid level training.

So after all that hard work (heh), turns out that you won't even be much use once you eventually get down to the nitty gritty.

This, coupled with the recent scientific study that proves people aren't even all that impressed by hot photos on dating apps, means only one thing...

Netflix & Chill is literally the only way forward.