HSE issues alcohol and drugs warning ahead of Junior Cert results night 3 years ago

HSE issues alcohol and drugs warning ahead of Junior Cert results night

Friday is Junior Cert results night.

The HSE has issued advice for parents talking to their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol ahead of Junior Cert results night celebrations tomorrow.


Due to administrative delays, Junior Cert results are coming out almost a month late this year. The following night is usually one of great celebration for those who have waited all summer to find out how they've done in their first set of state examinations.

Unfortunately, the night is also known for underage alcohol consumption. The HSE is encouraging parents to talk to their children to encourage them to have an alcohol-free results night.

According to the HSE, research has shown that young people who have conversations with their parents and learn a lot about the dangers of alcohol and drug use are up to 50% less likely to use alcohol than those who don’t have such conversations.

Dr Bobby Smyth, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, has practical advice for parents, saying: "Parents are one of the biggest influences on a child’s attitude to alcohol. Teenagers need their parents to steer them in the right direction, which means having conversations about the risks and reasons to avoid alcohol.


"The upcoming Junior Cert results night is an opportunity to highlight some of the risks and ways to stay safe. Also, it is so important to let your child know that they can always call you, no matter what. They need to feel they can safely call you if they, or a friend, gets into trouble."