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A new global ranking of the healthcare systems worldwide have placed Ireland 13th out of the 195 countries in consideration.

According to the report by The Lancet, which measured the scores based on avoidable or treatable diseases and how well each country dealt with them, Ireland scored 88.4 out of 100.

The highest scoring country was Andorra, which scored a 95, while the rest of the countries which placed above Ireland were Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Japan and Italy.

The U.K. placed 30th and the USA placed 35th on the list, while the bottom of the list was topped by Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Somalia, Guinea-Bissau and Chad.

According to the ranking, the avoidable or treatable diseases which still have the highest death rates in Ireland are Hodgkin's Lymphoma (58% of those diagnosed were cured), Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (59%) and Lower-Respiratory Infections (71%).

You can check out the top third of the list below, as well as the diseases which were tested to organise the ranking system, and how each country did which each of them.

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