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07th May 2014

JOE gets ripped in eight weeks; Week 1: Lifestyle Changes

JOE's resident videographer and Photoshop genius Peter Cooney wants to get ripped in eight weeks. With a lot of help from Raw Condition Gym, here's how his first week is going.


JOE’s resident videographer and Photoshop genius Peter Cooney wants to get ripped in eight weeks. With a lot of help from Raw Condition Gym, here’s how his first week is going.

I’ve always loved the idea of the gym, more than actually going, mind you. The idea of having a toned body always appealed to me, however putting in the hours to achieve it did not.

I’ve been going to the gym on and off (mostly off, very off in fact) for the past few years. Like most things I do, I start with all the enthusiasm in the world but fall away very quickly and lose interest. I can find any excuse not to do something.

It’s not like I was completely exercise free either. I love running and would run three to four times a week if I had the time. However, since straining my bum cheek and hamstring (long story), I became increasing lazy and struggled to inspire myself into any other form of activity. Carrying the shopping to and from the car was about the extent of it really and even then that’s a massive ‘IF I went shopping’.

When I first started discussing the idea with Ant in Raw Condition Gym, I didn’t really think about the commitment required. Which, as it turns out, is a lot. Zac Efron didn’t get that hot bod from watching TV shows and eating Orange Chocolate Digestives… And if he did, well then, fair play.

From my normal position behind the lens (I’m the video guy with JOE), I had filmed numerous workout and fitness videos and thought ‘I can do this’, but as per usual I didn’t…

So here I am…At the start of my eight-week challenge.

The toughest thing about this challenge is, without doubt, the lifestyle change. No drinking, no take-aways, no nachos at 11 at night. But looking down at my belly, it’s probably best we part ways for a while. Ant has compiled a diet to help lower my body fat which currently stands (wobbles) at 19%. So from eating Dominos at 3 a.m. to turkey two to three times a day, it’s quite the change.

The diet given to me for the next two weeks is something known as Carb Cycling, which is based on a low carb diet with alternating carbohydrate levels over a three-day period. For example:

Monday: High Carb

Tuesday: Medium Carb

Wednesday: Low Carb

Peter blog week 1 food

The diet, which you can see above, consists of varying amounts of rice, turkey, white fish with green vegetables, oats, egg whites and blueberries. Oh and a dribble of Udo’s oil. It makes a three-in-one sound like a gourmet meal. It’s not the most exciting diet in the world; in fact if it was, there would be a chain of fast food ‘Grims’ opening up everywhere. But it’s a means to a very sexy end.

The workout for the next two weeks is quite intense and as I am determined (for once), I can’t do it half arsed and need to actually push myself. There are two exercises for each major muscle group interspersed with a minute flat out on the rower. Oddly, I feel all the better for it. Is it weird that I keep picturing Zac Efron whilst doing it?

So Week 1 is flying along and hopefully I’ll be able to report back next week with some sexy results and even sexier pics.



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