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23rd Apr 2018

Kevin Smith details how he lost 32 pounds after his recent health scare

Paul Moore

It’s brilliant to see Silent Bob on the mend.

For film fans of a certain age, Kevin Smith’s films will always have a special place in the memory because the indie director was one of the definitive voices for the ‘slacker cool’ genre.

As stated previously, we’re massive fans of Clerks and while Smith’s most recent films haven’t quite matched the standards of his earlier work, there’s no denying the appeal of Dogma, Mallrats and Chasing Amy and others.

Last month, the 47-year-old suffered a heart attack that’s commonly referred to as ‘The Widowmaker’ and he has been very vocal about the health scare on Facebook and Twitter.

At the time, Smith said: “I didn’t piece together I was having a heart attack, even though my chest was heavy and even though my father died at the age of 67 died of a massive heart attack,” he said.

Well, it’s great to see Silent Bob on the mend and the director of Red State was speaking about the whole ordeal on TODAY.

In typical self-deprecating style, the director of Clerks started the interview by saying:’ I feel great. The heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

When asked about his recovery and weight loss, the director was happy to discuss his bid to get healthier.

“I filled her (his G.P)  in on what happened and she said ‘Look, you gotta lose 50lbs because that will make all of this easier. Going plant-based will probably make your life easier because it will get rid of your cholesterol.’ I’ve lost 32lbs since the heart attack and I’ve got 18 to go for what she said – she said to lose 50lbs.”

He added: “I think that I’m gonna keep going (with a vegetable-based diet). Now, this is the weight I was when I met my wife. This is a good weight to be at. What worked for me instantly after I had the heart attack is that I read Penn Jillette’s book Presto! where he describes what it’s like to lose 100lbs. He went on this diet with this guy named Ray Cronise which called ‘Just Sides.’ It worked for me in the beginning – it’s an all potato diet where you just eat potatoes – and the weight falls off. It’s a very vegetable-based diet and I’ve gone plant-based before but like, I’ve never been a vegetable person. It was very tough to just embrace vegetables but what I did have I joined Weight Watchers and they made me an ambassador. I’ve got another 18 lbs for the doctor goal, but I’m trying to lose 25lbs.”

Here’s the interview in full.

Here’s hoping that Silent Bob can stay healthy. Snoogens.

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