The Mayor of Limerick wants a biscuit, scone and cream bun ban 6 years ago

The Mayor of Limerick wants a biscuit, scone and cream bun ban

The Limerick council will not be happy campers if this goes ahead.

The new mayor of Limerick wants to ban biscuits, scones and cream buns from the council as part of a brand new healthy eating initiative that he wants to introduce.


According to the Limerick Leader, Cllr, Sean Lynch, is to arrange a meeting with other local authority headmen to talk about the biccey ban in a bid to cut out fatty foods and replace them with fruit.


As you could imagine, the whole ordeal has caused civil war among Limerick councillors.


According to the paper, Cllr Lynch wanted to see "no more biscuits, no more cream buns, and no more jam and scones."

Cllr Lynch added that he wanted to lead by example and in order to do so, they had to be realistic and change their menu.

He added:

“It’s 9.30am. Some people may have had breakfast, some people may not. But my God, the last thing you want at that hour of the morning is biscuits.


"They’re going to have to look at bringing in crackers and cheese and a bit of fruit. Otherwise, we will all be diabetics.”

However, his motion was met with a few raised eyebrows.

Former Mayor of Limerick, Cllr John Gilligan, was completely against the motion and said “there is a simple thing called choice. You can have a tea and scone at a meeting. If not, you can always bring a bottle of water or an apple."

Then, he really got a good dig in at Cllr Lynch, saying that "If he is looking to shed the pounds, I have a number for Weight Watchers."


He concluded: "If Sean is watching his weight, then good luck to him. But these meetings are two to three hours long. A coffee or a scone is not over and above: nobody is looking for a four-course meal here.”