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11th Oct 2019

New fitness show on TG4 will see local villages go head to head

Rudi Kinsella

tg4 fitness show

Go Gasta arrives on televisions screens this weekend. 

There’s nothing better than watching people put themselves through physical turmoil from the comfort of your own couch.

It’s the reason Takeshi’s Castle is such a success…

But seeing it happen as Gaeilge will be even sweeter.

Go Gasta is a new family entertainment series coming to our television screens this weekend on TG4.

The 10-part series will air on TG4 at 8.30pm every Sunday night from Sunday 13 October and each hour-long episode will be presented by Conall Ó Máirtín & Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill.

The series is based on the rivalry between towns, villages and parishes spread throughout the country, which manifest themselves primarily through local sports such as football, hurling, camogie and soccer.

Two local villages go head to head to settle old scores once and for all on a course with plenty of challenges and obstacles.

Each team sets out from their own village and races towards the opposing village, usually a distance of between 8km and 14km.

Along the way they will face nine different challenges and it is all against the clock.

And, if that isn’t challenging enough, each team must carry a three-metre rope with them on every step of the journey.

Sounds hilariously difficult.

The first episode features an intense match-up between old Donegal rivals Ardara and Glenties.

Tune in on Sunday at 8.30pm on TG4 to see who will hold bragging rights for the forseeable…

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