Quit To Fit Week 7: The smoke clears on life after quitting tobacco 9 months ago

Quit To Fit Week 7: The smoke clears on life after quitting tobacco

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Seven weeks off the smokes will create a whole new you.

Way back when you were a smoker, how much did you think that defined who you were? Even if you didn't realise it at the time, you likely didn't feel 100% yourself unless you had a cigarette in your hand.

Now that you're a full seven weeks into this new stage of life, has tobacco left a big gap in your life? The more difference it makes the better, as it's a chance for you to really change your whole attitude to life for the better.

It might not be a new year, but it's certainly a new you.

Quit To Fit Week 7

Nearly two months in, you're pretty much unrecognisable from the person you were. You've already won the early battle against cravings, and now your body has been reaping the rewards.

Just like last week, #QuitToFit life coach Raul Aparici has a few things to say;

"A friend of mine recently quit smoking. I asked about his motivation and how he managed and he told me he had realised that he had taken up smoking shortly after getting married, and he had recently divorced. Turns out his identity as a husband was tied together with his identity as a smoker.

"Ask yourself, how much of who you are (or perceived yourself to be) is tied in with your relationship with smoking? Now that you have been smoke free for 7 weeks, who are you? If you are struggling with your new identity as a non-smoker, you are not alone. We humans find change difficult, even when it is a positive change," he said.

It's normal to miss some aspects of smoking

Quitting smoking is a positive thing, of that there is no doubt. With that in mind, Raul said that it's still only natural for you to associate many happy memories with your days as a smoker.

"Any change will involve a loss and this loss needs to be mourned. There were so many things you hated about being a smoker, but there will be of course some that you will miss. Perhaps around your social life or how you managed your anxiety.

"It would be a great idea to consider how the change has happened; change is mostly made up of little daily behaviours done consistently. Sometimes we need a good narrative to put it all together and to illustrate our hero’s journey. And this is what we are going to do this week," he said.

You heard him, you're a hero. Tell us all about how much of a hero you are on social media by using the #QuitToFit.

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