Irish women rank in top 10 for global alcohol consumption 3 years ago

Irish women rank in top 10 for global alcohol consumption

The research also said that the 'myth of the drunk Irish man' is inaccurate.

A recent report on global alcohol consumption has discovered that Irish women consume the seventh highest level of “average daily drinks” at 3.1 alcoholic drinks, while the drinking habits of Irish men compared quite favourably to other countries .


In fact, the author of the report, Dr Max Griswold, argued that "the myth of the drunk Irish man is likely incorrect".

This being said, Irish men are also drinking to dangerous levels, consuming an average of 4.5 alcohol drinks daily. The medical research noted that while women may think that having one glass of wine isn't harmful - they are actually pouring themselves three measures.

In terms of the overall findings, the report states that alcohol is linked to 2.8 million deaths worldwide each year and the authors suggest that there is no safe level of alcohol.

The research, published in the Lancet, states that an average of one in three people, or 2.4 billion people, drink alcohol, including 25% of women and 39% of men.

2.2% of women and 6.8% of men die from alcohol-related health problems each year and it was the leading risk factor for disease and premature death in men and women between the ages of 15- 49 worldwide in 2016.

With regards to the methodology that was used, researchers analysed the impact of alcohol on 23 health conditions and alcohol-related risks on people between the ages of 15 and approximately 95 for the year 2016.

The highest amount of male drinkers were found in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Argentina, Poland and France. For women, it was in Denmark, Norway, Germany and Argentina.


The highest average amounts of daily drinks for men were in Romania (8.2 units), Portugal and Luxembourg (7.2 units), and Lithuania and Ukraine (7 units).

For women, the highest numbers were found in Ukraine and Andorra (4.2), Luxembourg and Belarus (all at 3.4). Irish women were in seventh position.