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22nd Dec 2019

The average Irish person will apparently put on half a stone throughout the festive period

Olivia Hayes

It’s fair to say we’re going to eat and drink more than usual.

But all the extra eating and drinking is going to add on a few inches to our waistlines.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Safefood Ireland has predicted that the average Irish person will put on half a stone throughout the festive period.

It comes as even the most health conscious person will let go in order to have fun over Christmas and not keep an eye on eating, drinking and exercising.

Christmas Day seems to be the worst day of all as most people will consume around 6,000 calories which is around three times the recommended daily allowance.

Joana da Silva, a spokesperson for Safefood Ireland said: “We are certainly not here to ruin people’s Christmas.

“It’s very important that people enjoy themselves, and there are far more temptations around when it comes to food and drink at this time of year than any other time of the year.

“Calorie-wise, drinks are a big thing. Of course, people are less inclined to exercise at this time of year, because the nights are darker and colder, so that means the extra calories are not being burned off.”

We’re all joining the gym in January, so?

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