These Irish lads are growing beards for a full year in the name of charity 5 years ago

These Irish lads are growing beards for a full year in the name of charity

Introducing A Year of the Beard…

A group of Irish lads from Ratoath in Co. Meath have decided to throw away their razors and let their faces go au naturel for an entire year - all in the name of cancer awareness.



Today, February 4, marks World Cancer Day, so no better week for the lads to start their charitable campaign.

The idea is simple: The lads will be giving up shaving their faces for 365 days and letting their breads grow to Brian Wilson levels of manliness (see below). They plan to hold fund raising events and you can donate to the cause over here.


The lads in question are Ross Eiffe (29), Kevin Gorman (22), David Gorman (19), Michael Crawley (19), Mark Woods (26) & Johnny Tyrrell (54).

JOE recently had a chat with Ross Eiffe to find out a bit more about this great campaign.

“There are six of us taking part so far and we are all from Ratoath, County Meath. The idea came about after my uncle, Michael Eiffe, passed away from cancer on the 3rd of February three years ago, hence why we started on the 3rd of February this year.


“That is also why we chose the Irish Cancer Society, as a lot of people are affected by cancer, or know of someone who has been.”

We wanted to know what would happen if the lads cracked under the pressure of maintaining a manly face-mop and ended up having a sneaky shave...


Here’s what Ross had to say: “There are no forfeits really. What we did at first was see who was really up for taking part and the lads who weren’t 100 per cent sure just decided to leave it.”

A Year of the Beard is open to anyone and those serious about taking part can get in touch with the lads over on Facebook.


They say ‘the more the merrier’ so if you fancy letting your face scarf grow wildly for entire year while helping to raise money and spread awareness for the Irish Cancer Society then get in touch.

A Year of the Beard also have collection sheets available for anyone who wants to get involved and/or you can simply do your bit by sharing the donation website address: