PIC: This is what Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like at just 15 years old 7 years ago

PIC: This is what Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like at just 15 years old

Even the mightiest men on the planet start out as puny kids.

There's one man we can only presume has been hench since he was brought kicking and screaming into this world.


The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His biography says he started weight-training and hitting the gym aged 14, shunning football in his native Austria to become a bodybuilder.

Just look at the size of The Terminator star by the time he was 15...

Aged 16, when most teenagers are still skinny as rakes and no more than 10-stone p*ss wet through, Arnie was even bigger...


By the time he turned 18, he joined the Austrian army on national service, but still kept training hard.

It was this year that the teenage Arnie won his first bodybuilding competition, clinching the Junior Mr Europe title. He famously went AWOL from barracks to compete in the contest - and spent a week in military jail for breaking out.

A year later he came back and beat a load of grown men to the full Mr Europe crown in 1966...

Arnie moved to England in 1966 and trained in the East End of London where he built the physique that won him his first Mr Universe title in 1967 - becoming the youngest man ever to do it, aged just 20.


It was the start of Arnie's road to superstardom, and after winning Mr Universe again the following year, he moved to the US where he went on to win Mr Olympia seven times - and become arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

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