This lady in Limerick showed incredible kindness to an elderly stranger with health problems 4 years ago

This lady in Limerick showed incredible kindness to an elderly stranger with health problems

An emotional train journey to Cork.

Health issues will effect every person or their family in some way but in those difficult times, it's nice to know that a small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

Amy O'Connor was on the train to Cork recently and she noticed that an elderly woman who was sitting beside her started to have a nose bleed.

Here's the account in Amy's own words.

"On the way down home , this very old woman sat across from me. About 10-15 minutes I noticed she was having a nose bleed. I ran to the bathroom to get her some tissue, and tried to comfort her as she was embarrassed and alone. I then had to ring a family member of hers to find out what medication she was meant to take as she couldn’t remember".

As I got talking to her and got her some tea to calm her down she told me that she was put on a train by her grandkids to go to Cork to get chemo as she has terminal stage four cancer and to ring when she’s at the station that whichever one of them was free would collect her, and obviously the chemo had some side effects leaving her sick on her journey home".

It seems that Amy's kind act was inspired by her own ordeals with losing a loved one through cancer. In one of the other comments, she says that "as someone with no grandparents left, and having watched two of them battle terribly with cancer and saw firsthand everything they went through emotionally and physically, it makes me so mad that people take elderly family members for granted. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old".

She goes on to say that the lady got off in Mallow and that Amy accompanied her onto the platform to make sure that she was okay, and waited with her until her grandson came.

Amy hopes that this act will  "highlight that people shouldn't take for granted their elderly family members as I would give my right arm to have mine back".
Fair play to her for this incredibly kind act.