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20th Mar 2014

Video: Irish presenter Eoghan McDermott opens up about his mental health

Another reminder that us lads should never be reluctant to ask for help with our mental health


Another reminder that us lads should never be reluctant to ask for help with our mental health

Eoghan McDermott is a face that we probably all know, from his appearances on The Voice of Ireland to his days on TG4 a few years back, but as a TV and radio presenter, very few people would see a more personal side of him.

Eoghan has taken to YouTube to give us a glimpse at that side, and shared this video where he talks about his own mental health and how he self harmed in the past, which has been a large reason behind his decision to back the Pieta House Darkness Into Light event.

Darkness Into Light is an annual run or walk of 5km organised by Pieta House that takes place in a few different places here in Ireland and starts just after 4am, with participants running until dawn, and raises awareness of mental health issues.

As Eoghan rightly points out, for some reason us Irish males are not great for talking about our feelings, our thoughts, or anything related to our mental health, but we do of course have problems and difficulties in our lives. Closing ourselves off and bottling those things away is not the solution, and even if Eoghan’s video helps one or two people to open up, then it’s been a success.

JOE couldn’t be more in agreement with Eoghan on that front, and that we need to be willing to talk so that we can get help. It is a sign of bravery, as Conor Cusack showed just a few weeks ago, and reaching out to someone, anyone, makes sure that you don’t have to go through it alone because you never are. There’s always someone who can offer guidance, who can give you advice, or someone who can simply listen, even if it’s just a friend.

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