WATCH: This video by DCU students perfectly explains what it's like to be colour blind 4 years ago

WATCH: This video by DCU students perfectly explains what it's like to be colour blind

This is fascinating.

A group of Multimedia students from DCU made this captivating documentary which highlights what it’s like to be colour blind.


The students interviewed five men who each shared their experience of living with the condition.

Interestingly, each of them have an involvement with, or a reliance on, colour in their careers or creative passions.

The stories featured in the documentary give a vivid insight into the world of colour blindness.

In this clip, artist Micheál Quinn talks about seeing his artwork for the first time with glasses that fix colour blindness.

One of the creators, Emma Kavanagh, told JOE about why they made the documentary.

"The aim is to give the audience an understanding and a perspective into the world of those living with colour deficient vision, and how to show how it affects their perception of the world.”

“We live in a world full of colour, something many of us take for granted,” she said.


Here, some of the participants discuss the misconceptions about colour blindness and how the condition affected them.

One in every 12 men and one in 200 women will be affected by colour blindness according Colour Blind Awareness and yet there is little information or awareness surrounding the condition outside of this organisation.

The most common type is red/green colour blindness which means that those colours are difficult to distinguish, this accounts for about 99% of cases.

You can watch the brilliant documentary in full below:

Videos via: Emma Kavanagh


The project, which also includes a print publication, was put together by Emma Kavanagh, Victoria Ivaylova, Aaron Kelly, Kevin Kremers and James Mac Inerney.

Image credit:  MQuinn Art