There is a top secret new Alien game on the way 5 years ago

There is a top secret new Alien game on the way

Fans of the incredibly scary Alien: Isolation should be very happy with this.

The Alien movies haven't been very lucky with video game adaptations.


In 2014, the brilliant stealthy horror Alien: Isolation was released and promptly changed the colour of every player's underwear...

Clip via IGN

On the flipside, there was stuff like the game adaptation of Alien 3 on the Sega Megadrive, which turned the movie's story of a planet barely populated by murderous prisoners and a single alien and turned it into a grenade launch-a-thon side-scroller:


Clip via World of Longplays

Great soundtrack, though!

Anyways, the point is, there has been more bad than good.


But this new news is potentially good news, and we're hopeful, and it is all based off this single tweet:

Now, a few things there:


The Game Awards are set to take place on Thursday 6 December (the six finalists up for the top award are all here), and it looks like it will be launch pad for the announcement of a new Alien game.

The font in the image in that tweet is pretty much identical to the one used by the fictional company Weyland-Yutani, the big bad company from the Alien movies that want to catch the monster and turn it into a weapon, while the "Worlds Will Change" seem to be an update from their previous slogan, "Building Better Worlds".

Some online digging found that 20th Century Fox had trademarked the title for an unannounced video game, Alien: Blackout.

Additionally, back in January of this year, 20th Century Fox subsidary FoxNext bought US games studio Cold Iron, with FoxNext's president of studios Aaron Loeb saying:

"I am a personal fan of Cold Iron's previous work and all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved Alien universe."


And finally, if you click on the Cold Iron studios website, one of the first things that pops up is a huge image of one of the xenomorphs from Aliens, and in the About Us section, it says the following:

"Currently, the team is working on a new PC and console shooter based on the Alien franchise."

So there you have it. It looks like we're getting our first look at this new Alien game in December. Stay frosty!