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07th Jan 2019

WATCH: Here is our first proper look at survival horror Alien Blackout

Rory Cashin

alien blackout trailer

We don’t have long to wait before we cross paths with those acid-blooded beasts again.

There had been A LOT of speculation about the upcoming Alien game, with it ranging from a straight-up sequel to critical darling Alien: Isolation, to it being a Bandersnatch-esque interactive movie that would continue to focus on Amanda (daughter of Ellen) Ripley as she continued to search for her mother.

It turns out… that was all mostly wrong.

Alien: Blackout will arrive later this month to play on mobile devices, with the game’s developers D3 Go! describing it as follows:

“The terror of Alien is brought to life in ‘Alien: Blackout.’ Try to stay alive while trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a deadly Xenomorph as it tirelessly hunts you and the crew. Outsmart the perfect hunter by making perilous choices.

“Players must rely on the damaged controls of the space station or risk sacrificing crew members to avoid deadly contact, permanently altering the outcome of the game.

“Survive seven fear-inducing levels by remotely guiding Amanda Ripley’s crew through increasingly challenging tasks using only the station’s emergency systems.

“The uncertainty and unpredictability of both the alien and her crew can impose total defeat for Amanda and the entire station.”


The first full trailer is below, and it seems to have more than a few similarities to power-based survival horror Five Nights At Freddies.

Plus, it doesn’t quite explain the “Play. Watch. Read.” tagline that has been accompanying everything with the teased info in the last few days.

If we were to venture a guess, we’d say that since the movie Alien will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this May, a cinema re-release is all but assured (“Watch.”), while Alien: Blackout checks the “Play.” box, so there will likely be a book or graphic novel based in the Alien universe to “Read.” before the year is out.

Alien: Blackout arrives on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore on Thursday 24 January.


Clip via D3 Go!