Batman's Arkham Trilogy is about to get an awesome PS4 re-release 4 years ago

Batman's Arkham Trilogy is about to get an awesome PS4 re-release

Some of the greatest games of the modern era.

Released in August 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum quickly became recognised as one of the greatest superhero video games of all time, scoring 92% on Metacritic and paving the way for consoles to tell superhero (and super villain) stories in a fantastic and unique way.


Then came Batman: Arkham City in October 2011, which took the Dark Knight out of the confines of the mad-house and let him roam around entire sections of Gotham that had been converted into a supermax prison. This sequel scored an even-more-impressive 96% on Metacritic.

Batman: Arkham City arrived in June 2015, and while it didn't quite reach the giddy heights of the first two (87% on Metacritic), the plot involved the Scarecrow turning all of Gotham's citizens into fear-fuelled serial killers and was hugely memorable.

All eyes have been on developers Rocksteady to see what they'll do next (there is a persisting rumour that they're working on a Justice League game), but before then, they have confirmed that the Arkham Trilogy will be getting a steelbook re-release on the PS4.

All three games will be made available in one beautiful package (check out that fancy case below), and fans of Arkham Origins will be left wanting, as the good-but-not-great prequel wasn't developed by Rocksteady, so it won't be included here.


As per the Amazon description, fans can expect the "Batman: Arkham Collection to bring you the definitive versions of Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy games, including all post-launch content, in one complete collection.

"This includes Exclusive Steelbook packaging, Batman Arkham: Knight GOTY game, and return to Arkham
for the first time in the UK, enjoy the Batman: Arkham Knight 'Earth to Dark Knight' Skin exclusively for PS4."

Yes please!

The Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition will be available from Friday 6 September.


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