Ireland's favourite gaming console of all time has been revealed 4 years ago

Ireland's favourite gaming console of all time has been revealed

No school like the old school, apparently.

The PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch don't even make the top 10 here.


Maybe that is because Nostalgia Tinged Glasses have a stronger prescription than ever, or maybe it is because we have warm, fuzzy memories of just jamming a cartridge into a slot and playing a game immediately instead of having to buy the game, connect to the Internet, download the update, and then OHMYGODJUSTLETMEPLAYTHEGAME!

Anyways, the folks at D.I.D. ran a poll with a few thousand Irish customers, asking adults what was the greatest console that Santa ever brought them for Christmas, and the results are mildly shocking:

  1. PlayStation 1 (30.7%)
  2. Nintendo NES (18.8%)
  3. Sega Mega Drive (16.1%)
  4. Xbox (12.5%)
  5. Super Nintendo (SNES) (12.3%)
  6. Nintendo 64 (8.8%)
  7. Atari (0.4%)
  8. Commodore 64 (0.2%)
  9. Other (0.2%)

We're not fully sure of how this vote worked out, but we have to say that the PS2 was unquestionably the greatest console to ever exist.


Maybe there was a cut-off year, so the PS2 couldn't be counted? Or maybe it isn't far enough in the past for nostalgia to have kicked in yet?

The PS2 gave us Shadow of the Colossus, Grand Theft Auto III, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 2, Ico, Silent Hill 2, God of War II, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time... and we could go on and on and on.

Either way, the PS1 topped the charts, which is probably a good thing considering that the PlayStation Classic is the big must-buy present for Christmas this year (our review here), but we don't have any nits to pick with the poll results for the greatest handheld gaming device:

  1. Gameboy (38%)
  2. Nintendo DS (27%)
  3. PlayStation PSP (13%)
  4. Gameboy Colour (8%)
  5. Gameboy Advance (8%)
  6. Sega Game Gear (7%)

Yep, you can keep your Nintendo Switch, long live the Gameboy!

(Note: If you would like to give me a Nintendo Switch, that is totally fine, and thank you.)