WATCH: Doom Eternal looks set to be the first must-own game of 2020 8 months ago

WATCH: Doom Eternal looks set to be the first must-own game of 2020

The new trailer is so incredibly, INCREDIBLY violent.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but: Fuck chest-high walls!

They served their use in the games they were implemented well in - Gears Of War and Uncharted immediately come to mind - but they have been nothing but a crutch for players in most shooters since then.

You just duck behind one of those bad boys and wait for your energy bar to refill and then wade back out into the fight.

Remember the good old times when you just had to be quick on your feet (or with your fingers, at least) and sprint and jump around the place, simply avoiding oncoming projectiles and using energy packs to stay alive? They were fun, OTT blasters and they simply don't make them like that anymore.

At least they didn't until 2016's Doom remake/reboot/requel, and players got a smack of that old-school adrenaline, relying on reflexes and not little walls in order to stay alive. Doom 2016 went down as one of the best games of that year (and of that decade), so it should come as little surprise that a sequel was quickly put into development.

Now, finally, Doom Eternal is on the way, and we're very excited about it, especially after seeing this brand new trailer. We ranked it in our Most Anticipated Games of 2020 list and that was before this demonic, disemboweling-heavy look into the gameplay really got our blood pumping.

The plot is essentially that demons have come to Earth to take it over and it is up to you, as the Doom Slayer, to make sure that doesn't happen. Using as many swords and guns and grenades as possible to do it.

Doom Eternal will land on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on Friday 20 March, and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

Clip via Bethesda Softworks