Here are some of the biggest changes coming to FIFA 20 3 years ago

Here are some of the biggest changes coming to FIFA 20

Read up on the changes coming to FIFA 20 to get the edge over your mates.

Every year, EA make a number changes to the new FIFA game. Some are slight, and some are drastic. But they always do take a bit of getting used to.


So here's where you can get a head start.

And ahead of its release on 27 September, EA have released information on just some of the changes that are coming to the game.

They include:

  • A complete set-piece refresh. Penalties have become easier to score, and free-kicks look completely different. You can now add curl, dip, or knuckle to free kicks with a whole new aiming mechanic that gives you far more options.
  • Composed finishing. This looks like a particularly interesting change. Once you're given time on the ball, you can take a touch to set yourself, and it increases your chances of scoring with a shot. Your defense will have to be on their toes...
  • Strafe dribbling. A brand new feature that favours players with higher dribbling stats. You'll move with more agility, with a higher percentage of beating the opposition.
  • More natural movement. This goes for players and the ball. The ball will now be more likely to bobble up on you if you don't pass it with the right weight. Players will also stay in their positions, and react to game situations more realistically.
  • AI defending overhaul. You will get a bit of a dig out from the game itself here. While you're controlling one player, the AI used by the game will do a better job of defending for you.
  • One-on-ones. This is a major change made, and one that should excite the more technical FIFA players out there. The game is now programmed to get your players in more one-on-one situations, making it easier to break defences down.

Another change will see attacking players with greater pace stats than defenders able to beat them with more ease than they could in FIFA 19. This was a major complaint about the most recent game, that EA have tried to address.

EA have released a short video explaining some of the changes to the game, which can be seen here: