Great news, FIFA Street makes a glorious return in FIFA 20 4 years ago

Great news, FIFA Street makes a glorious return in FIFA 20

The good news is that FIFA Street is back and it's brilliant. But there's a small bit of bad news too.

Gamers who remember playing FIFA Street will know how incredibly fun the game was.


Seeing all of your favourite players playing in the streets of Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo, doing five keepie-uppies before volleying the ball into the top corner; it was the dream.

And if you've longed for that dream to return to reality, then you are in luck, because FIFA Street makes an incredible return in FIFA 20, under a brand new shiny name.

Volta sees the return of FIFA Street, but in a far more realistic guise. It takes the format of a normal game of FIFA, and just takes it to the streets instead of the pitch.

fifa 20 fifa street


That may concern you, as the reason you're probably excited to play it is to see some crazy finishes that you're not able to do in a normal game. If so, don't worry. There is still the potential to do special things that you could never do on a traditional FIFA pitch.

JOE was lucky enough to play a preview of the game in Berlin recently, and we were amazed with some of the goals that were going in. The goal-line clearances themselves were just as entertaining as putting one in the top corner if we're being completely honest; think Kyle Walker against Liverpool in the Community Shield and you're on the right track.

Why such spectacular goal-line activity? Because, in another change to the original FIFA Street, there are NO GOALKEEPERS. It's carnage, it's chaos and it's amazing. You rely on last-ditch tackles and goal-line clearances to save your bacon, which is why your team selection is really important.

Games are either 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5. You can choose three to five players from any club team in the world, and you'd be wise to pick one proper defender and fill the rest of your side with skillful attacking players who can beat a man and put the ball away.


Defenders like Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk are really useful, as they take up half the goal if they're standing on the line, and they offer quite a bit going forward too.

fifa 20 fifa street

There are loads of different types of arenas, ones that have walls (so you can do those audacious off the wall passes that you try on your local astro park), or you can play without walls to make it seem that bit more realistic.

Another change to the original FIFA Street is that there are fouls in this one. You can't just clatter through the back of someone for the sake of it, the ref will give a free to the opposition, and the ball gets back in play immediately. You can decide for yourself whether or not that's a good thing.


The one issue fans of the original might have with Volta, and it is a big one, is that there are no Gamebreakers. Yep. The greatest thing about FIFA Street was doing enough skills and tricks to get to the point where you had a Gamebreaker, or in other words, a certain goal.

We do know why they have got rid of this part of the game, however; there are no Gamebreakers in a real street game. That's what Volta is, and it's great.

There is a really fun story mode, if you are that way inclined, as well as an online Volta League if you want to put your skills to the test against fellow players around the world. But we reckon the most fun you'll have playing Volta is with your mates.

Read more about FIFA Volta here.

FIFA 20 is set to be released in Ireland on 27 September