FIFA 22 unveils biggest Career Mode update in years with 'Create A Club' 1 year ago

FIFA 22 unveils biggest Career Mode update in years with 'Create A Club'

The next instalment of the franchise is set to be released later this year

So as we say goodbye to Euro 2020, attention will quickly turn to the new Premier League season beginning in August. A new season always brings with it one thing as well - a new FIFA video game.


EA Sports dropped the first trailer for FIFA 22 on Sunday, and it looks like an often overlooked game mode could finally be getting some much-needed attention.

The FIFA franchise has been a hugely successful one for EA, and every edition of the game is always the biggest-selling football game on the market. Despite this, there is plenty that needs improving about the game, as any FIFA fan or player will tell you.

Whilst Ultimate Team is far and away the most popular game mode, Career Mode has always been a mainstay in every edition of the game. Players can live out their fantasies of managing their favourite side, taking them to national and continental glory over multiple seasons.

For several years, however, Career Mode has been stagnant. It has received very little attention from developers and, with the exception of the odd addition here and there, is pretty much identical to how it was five or six years ago.


But it looks like there could finally be some significant changes being made to the game mode in FIFA 22.

In a new feature, reportedly called 'Create A Club, players will be able to create their own club to play within the game and will be able put that club in any division across the globe.

The feature reportedly includes designing your team's crest, kit and stadium, before going onto try and create history for your new club.


This has got fans very excited for the game, while the trailer for FIFA 22 also makes a big deal about the use of HyperMotion technology in the game's development.


It could be a huge year for FIFA, with hopes high for what will be the first edition of the game designed to make the most of the next-gen technology of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.