There are four HUGE games released this week, but which one should you be getting? 3 years ago

There are four HUGE games released this week, but which one should you be getting?

Four of the biggest games of the year are released within a few days of each other, and all right in time to make great Christmas presents!

While the last few weeks and months has had some of the biggest games of the current generation - we're looking at you Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 - things are not slowing down any time soon.


In fact, this week alone, four of the biggest games of the year are all dropping within two or three days of each other.

We're not all made of money, so it can help to know which ones are good, which ones suit our personal tastes, and which ones we should be picking up as Christmas presents for people.

To that end, we've broken down all the important deets on the biggies this week:



Release Date: Thursday 15 November (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Metacritic Score: 84%

Sample Review: "After spending quite a while with the game, I’m blown away that there’s still so much to discover. With dozens of collectibles to find in the single player campaign, a seemingly-unlimited number of weekly challenges, and the Tides of War looming large on the horizon, Battlefield V is the best this series has ever been, and easily the best FPS of the season." - GamingTrend

Get It If: You aren't exactly happy that Call Of Duty went multiplayer only, still enjoy the single-player aspects of first-person shooters, as well as the future-shock of the online deathmatches, if they are also still your thing.


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Release Date: Wednesday 14 November (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Metacritic Score: Not Yet Available

Sample Review: "This world is vast – four times larger than Fallout 4, apparently – and it’s clear that’s part of the plan. Fallout 76 feels oddly lonely for an online game and, after three hours with it, that’s for better and worse." - IGN (review still in progress)

Get It If: After the huge successes of Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4, they're going in a new direction with 76, but making it entirely online and multiplayer. Yes, there are still some single player elements to had among the huge game, but the game will also be populated by other real players. Which can sometimes be great, and sometimes... not so much.

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Release Date: Tuesday 13 November (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Metacritic Score: 82%

Sample Review: "Even if the lavish detail, excellent writing, and world of possibility within vivid levels mostly just refine what came before, that’s because IO Interactive have all but perfected what they set out to achieve in Hitman: Codename 47 nearly 20 years ago." - Slant Magazine

Get It If: You're a fan of the Hitman series to date, then this is arguably the best one yet. If you're brand new to it, then all you need to know is you are a hitman, and the goal of the game is to kill people in unique and inventive ways, preferably without people ever realising you were even there.

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Release Date: Tuesday 13 November (PS4, Xbox One)

Metacritic Score: 85%

Sample Review: "The Spyro games were legitimately great for the time, though, and thanks to an near-perfect balance between preservation and updating, Spyro Reignited Trilogy is every bit as excellent by today’s standards." - Hardcore Gamer

Get It If: You were a fan of the old school platformer to begin with and want to reacquaint yourself with its greatness. Or you are looking for something completely different to the all-shooting, all-the-time that the other games represent.

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