These are the free subscription games coming to PlayStation and Xbox in February 10 months ago

These are the free subscription games coming to PlayStation and Xbox in February

Time to take a look at what we'll all be playing throughout the next month.

If you've already subscribed to PlayStation's PS Plus service and/or Xbox's Game Pass, then as we come to the close of January, the free games added to the subscription are about to be removed, so if you want to play any of the following, download them ASAP!


The PS Plus games for January are:

  • Maneater (PS5)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4 & PS5)
  • Greedfall (PS4 & PS5)

And the Xbox Games Pass for January:

  • Neoverse
  • Torchlight III
  • What Remains of Edit Finch
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

And now, here are the free games coming to the subscription services in February, including which PS systems they're playable on, which dates the Xbox games are downloadable from and to, and descriptions of the games provided by the platforms themselves.

PS Plus (from 2 February):

  • Control: Ultimate Edition (PS4 & PS5)

"Master supernatural abilities and wield a shape-shifting sidearm in this third-person action-adventure from Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake). Take on the role of Jesse Faden, Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, whose New York headquarters are breached by an ominous enemy. Despite outward appearances, the skyscraper’s interior is vast and ever-shifting. You’ll need to explore - and weaponise - this unpredictable environment to clean house and repel the invaders. The Ultimate Edition includes the base game as well as The Foundation and AWE expansions."

  • Destruction All-Stars (PS5)

"Entertain the crowds by bringing controlled chaos to the vehicular combat arena of this metal-crunching multiplayer game. Pick one of 16 superstar competitors, then leap into four game modes, using timing, tactics and skills to cause carnage behind the wheel or create havoc with your parkour skills. Perfect your character’s abilities - including a hero vehicle unique to them - to give you the edge in free-for-all battles or team challenges and become Global Destruction Federation Champion."

  • Concrete Genie (PS4)

"Pick up a magic paintbrush and return the polluted town of Denska to its former bright and bustling seaside self in this touching and multi-award winning action-adventure. Cleanse streets and alleyways, then use your Living Paint to create mischievous Genies whose magical powers will aid you in overcoming puzzles and seeing off bullies who pursue you."


Xbox Games Pass:

  • Resident Evil (1-28 February)

"It’s the game that defined the genre. In this remastered version, join the special forces team, S.T.A.R.S., and investigate a mysterious mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Stay alert because supplies are scarce, and the living dead are all around."

  • Gears 5 (1-28 February)

"Experience the celebrated campaign and multiplayer, now fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S. With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera… herself."

  • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (16 February - 15 March)

"Discover secrets, dangers, and an array of unique characters in the world of Salt. In this MetroidVania-style platformer, a heroine arises out of the aether of fear to help a world on the brink of collapse. Featuring stunning handcrafted pixel art and original soundtrack compositions that bring a visual and auditory wonderland to life."

  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (1-15 February)

"It’s time to put on your fedora and help Indy recover one of the most powerful artefacts known to man. In epic, globe-spanning fashion, take on Nazis and the Asian underworld to track down the mysterious Heart of the Dragon before it falls into hostile hands."

  • Lost Planet 2 (16-28 February)

"After 10 years removed from the original title, return to the troubled planet torn apart from the ongoing battle for thermal energy. Play four player co-op and customise your character with an arsenal of weapons and vehicles to pilot."