Here are your nominees for 2019's Game of the Year 8 months ago

Here are your nominees for 2019's Game of the Year

Six video games. One winner. Who you got?

It's about that time, folks.

The time in which the year draws to a close and we decide what the best - and worst - things were, from sport to movies to television to music to... video games.

Video games, as we all know, are big business. As such, the Game of the Year Awards are a big deal.

The winner and thus overall Game of the Year will be announced at a ceremony scheduled to take place on Thursday 12 December, but who's duking it out this time around?

Your six nominees are...


Inception meets Silent Hill in this innovative thriller.

Check out JOE's official review here.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima finally breaks away from the apparent shackles of Konami to deliver his complete unique vision of... delivering packages in a desolate wasteland.

It's divisive, this one. Read our review here.

Resident Evil 2

A brilliant and often legitimately frightening repurposing of a classic original.

Get that JOE appraisal here.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Hands down the hardest game of the year, and yet so very addictive.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

The ultimate showdown of gaming icons, apparently.

The Outer Worlds

Fallout: New Vegas fans rejoiced when The Outer Worlds came along and brought with it a brand new vast and strange world in which to get lost.

And that's your top six.

There are, of course, loads of other categories but that's the big one.

What gets your vote, then?

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