Gears of War creator has specific actors in mind to star in the Netflix film adaptation 6 months ago

Gears of War creator has specific actors in mind to star in the Netflix film adaptation

Do you agree with the casting?

Netflix announced this week it will be adapting Gears of War into a live-action film and the creator of the hit video game series has since weighed in on who he would like to see cast in the project.


The streaming service confirmed the news on the 16th anniversary of the original video game’s 2006 release, stating it was partnering up with Gears of War developer The Coalition to bring the game's universe to the screen.

For those who have not played the series, the original trilogy of games takes place on an Earth-like planet called Sera and focuses on the conflict between humanity and subterranean monsters known as the Locust Horde.


The first installment followed protagonist Marcus Fenix, a soldier tasked to lead a last-ditch effort to destroy the Locust Horde and save humanity.

Following the Netflix announcement, Cliff Bleszinski - creator of the games - took to Twitter to give his blessing to the project.

"No one has reached out to me to consult on any of the recent games or the Netflix stuff. If they do, cool, but if not, no hard feelings. I have other things that are keeping me busy," his statement read.

"I wish The Coalition and Netflix the best of luck with their upcoming endeavors."


In a series of follow-up Tweets, Bleszinski also highlighted actors he would like to see appear in the adaptation.

The creator stated that he wants Dave Bautista to play Fenix, before adding that Karl Urban would also work in the role.


On top of this, he said that Ryan Reynolds would make a "perfect" Baird and that Katheryn Winnick would be "amazing" as Anya.

He also stated he would like to see a Latino actor play the character of Dom.

As well as adapting Gears of War into a live-action film, Netflix will also make an adult animated series set in the game's universe.


The streamer also said there is the "potential for more stories to follow".

Main image via Netflix/Twitter