God Of War Ragnarök reportedly set to set for release in November 11 months ago

God Of War Ragnarök reportedly set to set for release in November

There had been strong rumours that arguably the biggest game of 2022 was going to be pushed back to 2023...

2018's God Of War surprised everyone by completely upending the action game franchise we already knew and loved, turning it into a jaw-droppingly beautiful, visceral and impressively emotive campaign, remaining one of the greatest games of recent years.


Ever since the final moments of that game, fans have been anticipating the sequel, and all eyes have been on the potential release date for God Of War Ragnarök.

There had been rumours that the sequel would launch in early September, but during the Summer Games Fest this week, PlayStation revealed that the PS5-upgraded re-release of The Last Of Us Part I would be launched on Friday, 2 September...

There had also been strong rumours that the game would be pushed back entirely to 2023 (having already been delayed from its initial 2021 release), but a new report from Bloomberg suggests that fans could still be seeing a pre-Christmas release for Ragnarök.


The report states that the game will be released in November of this year, with the formal release date announcement to take place later this month.

There had been a lot of silence around the game since the PlayStation Showcase footage was released in late 2021, which is usually a sign that delays are imminent, but a recent age rating by South Korea (18 and over, in case you were wondering) would mean that they were shown a relatively completed version of the game.

Following a bit of a big release draught this summer, having both God Of War Ragnarök and the PS5 remaster of The Last of Us Part I to look forward to in just a few months already has us looking forward to a strong winter of gaming.

Check out the most recent gameplay trailer for the God of War sequel right here:


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