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05th Dec 2023

GTA VI trailer confirms franchise’s first-ever female lead character

Charlie Herbert

‘She looks dope!’

The Grand Theft Auto VI trailer has revealed that the game will feature the franchise’s first ever female lead character.

Since the release of GTA V in 2013, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next edition in the hugely popular series – which started back in 1997 with Grand Theft Auto on the PlayStation 1.

GTA 6 has reportedly been in development for years, and last month the game’s producers, Rockstar Games, confirmed the first trailer for the highly-anticipated game would be arriving in early December to mark the company’s 25th anniversary.

The trailer was initially meant to be released this afternoon, but on Monday (December 4) the trailer was leaked online, prompting Rockstar to unveil it 15 hours earlier than planned.

Since it was released, the trailer has already racked up 44.7m views at the time of writing.

Although it doesn’t feature any gameplay, we do get to see some stunning shots of Vice City, some pretty impressive-looking graphics, and an introduction to GTA 6’s female lead character Lucia.

She will be the franchise’s first ever female lead character, and appears in the opening scene of the trailer in prison.

Lucia is then seen in the final scene, robbing a shop with the male lead character, who she seems to be involved with romantically.

Fans couldn’t hide their excitement at being able to play as a woman for the first time in GTA.

“If I were to buy GTA VI when it comes out you bet I’ll be playing as Lucia,” wrote one fan.

“I’ve been asking for a female playable character in a GTA game for many years. It’s finally happening.”

A second said: “Just saw the GTA 6 trailer and we are getting a female protagonist! WE WON!!”

Another added: “I hope that after all these years that we have waited for GTA VI, the details and realism of the characters will be at this level.”

And someone else wrote: “Let’s go! She looks dope!”

Sadly, along with all the exciting stuff the trailer revealed, it also confirmed that the game won’t be arriving until 2025.

So there’s a while to wait yet…