JOE Gaming Weekly - We try out a new cutting edge gaming TV 1 year ago

JOE Gaming Weekly - We try out a new cutting edge gaming TV

And the latest - disappointing - news on the Breath Of The Wild sequel.

Welcome to JOE Gaming Weekly, your weekly round-up of all things gaming.


Or, specifically, the one big game you should play this week, the one big piece of gaming news you need to know about, and the one big deal available to purchase this week.

So, off we go!


Huawei MateView GT


This is normally the part where we review the biggest and/or best game to get this week, but we're veering off course ever so slightly, as we've been test driving Huawei's latest gaming focused screen.

The 34-inch curved display might take some getting used to for those who are used to their TV screens being flat, but once you properly give into the sense of immersiveness that it gives, you'll likely not want to go back to the old way.

Propped up on a solid black stand with its own built-in sound-bar (which gives off a very cool multi-coloured light display), the high-end visual and sound specs are incredible impressive.

We tested both Elden Ring and Ghostwire: Tokyo out on this, and they both looked and sounded fantastic on the Mateview. If you spend a lot of hours gaming and want to spoil yourself with a screen that is designed to bring out the best in your games, then this is the one for you.



Breath Of The Wild 2 has been pushed back to 2023

Originally intended for release this year, we're sorry to say that one of the most anticipated sequels of all time - and a sequel to one of the very best games ever made - has been pushed back.


The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma shares the update on the game's progress here:


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Given a bit of a graphical and gameplay upgrade, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are now all available together on the current-gen consoles. To be fair, it has been over 20 years since GTAIII first arrived, so chances are you'd enjoy a refresher...


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is available on the PS Store until Wednesday, 13 April marked down from €59.99 to €40.19.

Clips via Nintendo, Rockstar & Huawei