Finally, a video game that lets you play as Jesus Christ 2 years ago

Finally, a video game that lets you play as Jesus Christ

Press x to miracle.

Christmas is close, so it's time to embrace the true meaning of the season - Jesus Christ and the numerous sacrifices that he made for us.


That's what it's all about, right? Forget presents and nights out and movies by the fire and emotional airport reunions; divine worship is key.

To wit, a brand new video game has caught our eye, one in which you get to play as Christ himself, going through the various important stages of his - His? - life.

I Am Jesus Christ appears to do exactly what it says on the tin as per the official launch trailer below:


Clip via ThePlayWay

The first-person adventure will be exclusive to Steam users and is based on stories from the New Testament.

An official synopsis invites you to "become Jesus Christ, the most famous man on Earth" in what is described as a "highly realistic" simulation of the Christ experience.

Furthermore, the game promises the chance to pray in order to achieve superpowers, perform famous miracles and get involved with casting out demons, healing sick people and achieving resurrection.


You'll also run into characters such as this guy, in what presumably unfolds as an elaborate Metal Gear Solid-esque boss battle:

There's no release date as of yet for I Am Jesus Christ.

Easter would make sense, perhaps?