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15th Jun 2019

It looks like we finally know when The Last Of Us Part II is coming out

Rory Cashin

The Last Of Us Part II release date

The sequel to one of the greatest games of all time is almost here!

Released in June 2013 on the PS3, The Last Of Us quickly became a landmark moment in modern video games, as it was not only a brilliant game to play, but for many it represented the first ever time that a player actually cried due to the story being told by the game (that giraffe scene? SOBBING!)

Yep, it really was that good, and the 240+ Game Of The Year awards that it went on to receive only validate that brilliance.

Since then, we’ve had The Last Of Us: Left Behind, the 2014 DLC prequel that delved further into the personal past of Ellie (played by Ashley Johnson), and while the inevitable sequel was announced in 2016, we’ve had a LONG wait for the actual game to arrive.

Or even when we might be getting it, or if it will be on the PS4, or one of the first arrivals on the imminent PS5?

Until this weekend, when Johnson sat down with an entertainment journalist to discuss her career to date, and eventually they get round to chatting about the much-anticipated sequel.

Jump 1 hour 7 minutes in the interview below, and you’ll hear the interview ask when the game is coming out, and then Johnson begin to answer him before he interrupts her

Clip via Critical Role

That sounded like “Feh” to us, as in she was about to say “February”, but then the interviewer cut her off!

This would tie in with both what video game analyst Daniel Ahmad stated about it being the current internal release date for the game’s developers Naughty Dog, as well as previous rumour that due to Death Stranding getting a November 2019 release, The Last Of Us Part II would be pushed back to early 2020.

Either way, it sure is an exciting time to be a PS4 owner, and this is all before they really blow us out of the water with whatever they might have in store for the PS5!

Check out the most recent gameplay footage for TLOU2 below, and keep an eye out for it on shelves in February 2020. Maybe.

Clip via PlayStation