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24th Feb 2021

TOWIE star Mark Wright is officially the worst player on FIFA 21

Former TOWIE star and Crawley left-back Mark Wright has been added to the FIFA 21 game and shock horror, he has the worst stats on the game

Reuben Pinder

mark wright fifa

I mean, did you expect anything else?

Mark Wright realised his dream of becoming a professional footballer earlier this year, signing for Crawley Town on a non-contract basis 16 years after being released by Tottenham Hotspur as a teenager.

It was a great story, absolutely dripping with Magic of the Cup narrative and it dominated headlines over the weekend of the FA Cup third round, when Wright made his professional debut in a win over Leeds.

Since then, the former star of The Only Way is Essexhas not played much. But, he has been added to the FIFA 21 video game in its latest squad update.

You’ll be shocked to hear, his stats aren’t very good. But hey, let’s not mock, they’re still better than yours or mine would be, for we are lightyears away from the standard required to play in League Two. But still, an overall rating of 47 is quite funny.

His 47 rating makes him the joint worst player on the game, along with a few others in the so called ‘47 Club‘.

Wright’s SoFifa page shows he has a one star weak foot rating, a low work rate for both defending and attacking, and his lowest stat (bar goalkeeping) is volleys, for which he only receives a 20/100. Brutal.

He does, however, have a two star skill rating, which is something to brag about.

At the age of 33, his potential remains at 47 as well, with the makers of the game not confident he will improve at all. And fair enough, he probably won’t.