Massive Worldle glitch 'confuses' users with two different results 1 year ago

Massive Worldle glitch 'confuses' users with two different results

The game is both a blessing and a curse...

Wordle fanatics have taken to social media to share their discontent when getting "two different answers" during Tuesday's game.


Wordle has taken the world by storm and consequently was recently snapped up by publishing giant The New York Times - but don't worry; it shall be free forever.

However since the company bought the rights late last week for an undisclosed seven-figure sum, people have noticed a decrease in the game's quality.


During Tuesday's game (February 15), players realised there were two possible answers, leading to many taking to Twitter. One said: "Same day, different Wordle. Is anyone having a different Wordle of the day too?"

Another questioned: "Uhoh!! My partner and I got two different correct words for #Wordle today. What is happening?"

The two words in question were 'agora', which was a public space in ancient Greek city-states, and 'aroma', which means smell.

Even after a night's rest, people are still losing it over the popular Twitter game.


Recording artist Maia wrote: "f*****g hate the new wordle what the hell is this double letter sh*t?"

Twitch streamer and comedian Limmy wrote: "Today's Wordle is shite. No, not the word shite, just a shite word. I don't think a lot of people are gonnae even know that word. I got it, cos cos I remember somebody mentioning it once years ago. But, shite word."


While the creator of the game, Josh Wardle has said the game will remain free, the New York Times' statement on the acquisition says that the game will "initially remain free" for players, meaning that a paywall of some description could be on the cards in the future.


One New York Times crossword can be played for free each day, with an unlimited number of crosswords locked behind a paid subscription service.