The Last of Us remake may reveal Naughty Dog's next game 1 year ago

The Last of Us remake may reveal Naughty Dog's next game

There is speculation that discovered images in the game show the creators' next game.

When it was released back in 2011, nobody gave much notice to this headline discovered on a bar early on in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and to be fair, they had no reason to...


It wouldn't be until 2013, when The Last of Us was first released, that we all retroactively realised that Naughty Dog - the creators of both games - had left a big hint about their next game.

As we've come to learn, both through the original game and the magnificent recent remake The Last of Us Part I, the central plot revolves around surviving in a world decimated by, yep, a deadly fungus.

Ever since The Last of Us Part II dropped in 2020, fans have been keeping an eye out for what Naughty Dog might be making next, and many believe that hints for the setting of their next outing have been dropped into the TLOU Part I remake.


Some artwork in a darkened area, better viewed only when Joel turns his flashlight on, reveals a female warrior, a pegasus-like horse, and a dragon.

This has led many to believe that the next Naughty Dog game will have a fantasy setting, only given more fuel by rediscovered artwork uploaded in 2021 by the team's senior concept artist Hyoung Nam.


After two games set within The Last of Us universe and five adventures within the Uncharted series, all of which are very much based on modern realism (sort of), it would be interesting to see these creators move into an entirely differently realm.

Either that or we're all just looking for clues in the dark until Naughty Dog put us out of our collective misery and tell us what they're ACTUALLY doing next...