NBA 2K21 looks like it's going to be the sporting game of the year 1 year ago

NBA 2K21 looks like it's going to be the sporting game of the year

This is gonna be big.

NBA 2K21 swaps the iconic mode The Neighbourhood for The City in what looks like it's going to be a top tier video game.


With new consoles on the way both in the worlds of Play Station and Xbox, and the fact that we're all spending a lot more time indoors these days, we can assume that video games are going to have a greater importance in our lives.

So when we see a trailer for a game like this, we rightfully get excited.

The new trailer for NBA 2K21 focuses on The City, a new map that's many times larger than the previous Neighbourhood in previous NBA 2K games.

In The City, you will represent one of four areas - the North Side Knights, the South City Vipers, the Beasts of the East and the Western Wilddcats.


While they aren't the most original names in the world, the concept is quite exciting.

Each team's area will have their own courts and general vibe, as well as a unique Warehouse court.

In the centre of the city lies the Event Centre which offers intra-team competitions and events to prove your squad is the strongest.

We could continue trying to explain how cool it looks, but instead why don't you just check out the trailer:


NBA 2K21 launches for Xbox Series X|S on 10 November and on PlayStation 5 from 12 November.