JOE Gaming Weekly - Details of the new Tomb Raider game have leaked 1 year ago

JOE Gaming Weekly - Details of the new Tomb Raider game have leaked

It has been quite the wait since the last Lara Croft adventure...

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If you like manic fighting games such as Super Smash Bros., but wanted to see a completely different roster of fighters, then this is the one for you.

Original actors return for their iconic roles, including Kevin Conroy as Batman, Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, and Justin Roiland as Rick & Morty, each with their own styles of fighting, weapons and accessories to use, and unique catchphrases to remind you that, yes, this fight is pitting Superman against LeBron James.

Season One of Multiversus is available free-to-play on PlayStation, Xbox and PC from Tuesday, 9 August.



First details of the new Tomb Raider have apparently leaked

It has been four years since Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, but some details of the new game are finally arriving.

In a report issued by Sacred Symbols, the new game will apparently see "Lara Croft leading a team of younger tomb raiders as she deals with the isolation of success".


While this was unconfirmed to definitely be the core of the new game, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics issued a takedown order to Sacred Symbols on the issue (more on that in the video below), which pretty much confirmed its validity.

The leak also hinted towards the possibility of multiplayer for the new game, which is already confirmed to be built in Unreal Engine 5, and will be the first Lara Croft game to be released by Crystal Dynamics under its new parent company Embracer.


Horizon: Forbidden West


We recently named this sci-fi sequel one of the five games of 2022 so far, so if you haven't already returned to the world of Aloy and robot dinosaurs, then now is the time to do it!

Horizon: Forbidden West is available on the PS Store until Wednesday, 17 August, marked down from €69.99 to €49.69 for the PS4, and from €79.99 to €59.99 for the PS5.

Clips via Warner Bros., Last Media Standing & PlayStation