Sony claim PS5 will be "the world's fastest console" 3 years ago

Sony claim PS5 will be "the world's fastest console"

Take that, Project Scarlett!

While it is still a year or so away from being released, gaming fans are waiting with baited breath for any and all information on Sony's new console.


The title and launch window were confirmed only a few days ago, while the news that it would also be backwards compatible made a lot of people very happy.

So the tidbit released in this job posting raised a fair few eyebrows, considering at the current generation, the Xbox One X has the edge on the PS4 Pro in terms of processing power.

Anyone who might have been interested in applying for the position of Senior Cloud Engineering Manager at Sony discovered the following during the description:

"You will be managing distributed systems that are powering 100+ million PS4 consoles that deliver immersive gaming experiences. You will also be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world's fastest console (PS5) in 2020. You will love working at PlayStation if you have a strong passion for systems, availability, and resiliency."


The upcoming world's fastest console.

Considering the PS5 is due for release around the same time as Microsoft's new console, Project Scarlett, both of which will be vying for our attention and money come Christmas 2020, that is quite the statement to make.

The only way we will know for sure is to get them both and try them both for days on end over the Christmas break next year.

Dear Santa...