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22nd Feb 2020

QUIZ: How well do you know these video game movies?

Jamie Concannon

There have been some terrible video game movies, but it’s a disgrace that Super Mario Bros didn’t win an Oscar…

Let’s be honest here folks, it’s very rarely a formula that works. Video game movies tend to vary from absolutely terrible and so-bad-they’re-good to just about watchable.

With the news that Sonic the Hedgehog had the most successful opening weekend of any video game movie, we thought we’d have a look back through the archives.

There are some hidden gems out there, and we highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t sat down to watch Street Fighter to do so immediately. I mean, you just don’t get fight scenes like this anymore…

Clip via snafuthegreat

No time like the present to have a go and test your knowledge. If you get full marks and have seen all of these movies, you might want to rethink your life choices…

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