JOE Gaming Weekly - Get ready for more Resident Evil Village 2 weeks ago

JOE Gaming Weekly - Get ready for more Resident Evil Village

It will be arriving just in time for Halloween...

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Or, specifically, the one big game you should play this week, the one big piece of gaming news you need to know about, and the one big deal available to purchase this week.

So, off we go!


The Quarry


A spiritual successor to 2015's massively popular and massively scary Until Dawn, we're returning to the world of survival horror interactive drama. At different times throughout the game, you'll control one of nine teenagers who must survive the night at Hackett's Quarry, with multiple different decisions you make deciding on who will live, who will die, and what will be left of them.

One of the very few games in existence that is actually, actively fun to watch other people play - because it is essentially a horror movie in which you have control over the script! - the game features performances by some horror legends such as Lance Henriksen, Lin Shaye, Ted Raimi and David Arquette.

The Quarry is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC right now.



We're returning to Resident Evil Village...

One of our favourite games of 2021, we couldn't be happier about spending more time with the Village. The Gold Edition will feature some fantastic new additions, including Shadows Of Rose, which is a brand-new story set around Ethan's daughter, who was at the centre of the kidnapping plot of the main game.

Additionally, the Winters' Expansion will also allow you to play RE:V in third-person mode (like we did in RE4, 5 and 6), as well as Mercenaries: Additional Orders, in which you control some of the games' biggest villains.


Resident Evil: Village will arrive on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on Friday, 28 October.


Psychonauts 2

Another entry in our list of the ten best games of 2021, this mind-bending platform puzzler sees you venture into the brains of some of your closest friends and strangest strangers in order to get to the bottom of a brand new mystery.


Psychonauts 2 is available on the PS Store, marked down from €59.99 to €29.99.

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