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08th Feb 2021

Roy Keane reacts to the dancing Keano FIFA TikTok meme

Wayne Farry

The most ambitious crossover of 2021.

Roy Keane appears, to anyone who has ever watched or heard him speak, a man who knows what he likes. Having cut his teeth in the Premier League in the 1990s, a simpler time where there was little to no faffing about, Keane is a product of that time.

As a result of this, you would rarely have seen Keane dancing after scoring a goal. We won’t say never – he did play with Lee Sharpe, Ryan Giggs and Paul Ince after all – but it wouldn’t be his natural instinct.

As such, we were incredibly amused when a TikTok video emerged showing Keane in FIFA 21, performing the sort of celebration we’d expect to see from Antoine Griezmann.

The video went viral, and it was at that point that a Twitter user begged Keane’s Sky Sports colleague, Micah Richards, to show it to him and, crucially, to get his reaction to it.

Fast forward to Sunday night, where Richards, Keane and Graeme Souness were all on punditry duty for Liverpool’s 1-4 home defeat to Manchester City.

Ever the entertainer, Richards waited until late at night, hours after they’d finished commenting on City’s demolition of their rivals, to show the world the reaction we had all been waiting for.

In truth, Keane doesn’t actually have a huge reaction. It’s more a look of quiet disgust; the sort of expression he’d have on his face eviscerating ‘bad champions’ or preparing to kick lumps out of Patrick Vieira in the Highbury tunnel.

It is, nonetheless, quite hilarious to know he’s finally seen it. Clearly Richards and Souness felt the same way.