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25th Apr 2022

The new Saints Row might be the most customisable game ever made

Rory Cashin

The level of player control here is absolutely bonkers.

It has been nearly a full decade since Saints Row IV, which involved you playing the President of the United States, trying to singularly stop an alien invasion of Earth.

For this new reboot of the series, the 2022 version of Saints Row will take things back to where they all began, with the fictional city of Santo Ileso under the control of three rival criminal gangs. You’ll play ‘The Boss’, who recruits dissatisfied former members of these gangs to create their own new gang and take control of the city from them.

The developers have stated that they have looked at action movies for influence of the game’s flavour, particularly name-checking John Wick, Hobbs & Shaw and Baby Driver, and while that rebalance of action and comedy has certainly got our attention, the recent reveal of the game’s customisation has really blown our minds.

When you’re creating your own character, you can literally choose every single aspect of what you look like and change it to your specifications. Hair, body, gender, clothing, whether you even want to be technically human or not… it is entirely in your hands.

Vehicles and weapons are also entirely customisable, while your HQ – a run-down church that you can also decorate to your tastes – will be able to expand alongside your control within the city.

Basically, if you love to have control over each and every single aspect of the game you’re likely going to spending weeks and weeks and weeks playing, then this could well be the apex of that kind of control. Literally right down to the colour of your socks.

Saints Row will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One on Friday, 23 August. Check out the full customisable abilities in the game below:

Clip via Saints Row