Two of the best horror games of all time are looking to make a comeback 10 months ago

Two of the best horror games of all time are looking to make a comeback

Fans of scary games will be very happy about these new rumours.

So far this year we've seen a horror game released and pretty much become the best game of 2021 so far, while also being one of the best-selling games of the first six months of the year... so it is fair to say that horror games continue to have a huge audience.


Which is why it makes us very excited to hear the stories around two of the best scary games of all time potentially making a major comeback in the not-too-distant-future.

First up, we'll discuss Silent Hill.

There hasn't been a new entry into the series since 2012, and while we did have P.T. in 2014 (still one of the scariest things released in the 21st century) which was to directly set-up Silent Hills, that project was cancelled by developers Konami, and P.T.'s creator went off to make Death Stranding instead.

However, this week it has been announced that Konami have set up a "strategic cooperation agreement" with Blooper Team, the folks behind the very Silent Hill-esque The Medium, released on Xbox Series X in January this year.


This has led many to speculate that Konami have essentially hired Blooper Team to get to work on a new Silent Hill game, adding fuel to fire started by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, when he said the following about the next game he's working on: "You’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced. And I think it’s the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about."

No game series has ever come close to the pure psychological horror behind Silent Hill, so if it means we get more scenes like these, then we'll be very happy... and also very scared.

Clip via Kefpa


And the other game we're potentially going to be seeing again very soon is Dead Space.

The third entry in the series leaned too heavy towards action, but the first two were gory, terrifying, brilliantly told horror games.

EA are reportedly looking into remaking the first Dead Space game in the same way that Capcom recently took to remaking their first handful of Resident Evil games, to mostly outstanding effect.

According to Gamesbeat, EA are set to announce a new game during their summer showcase on Thursday, 22 July, and all of the speculation is pointing towards it being a new Dead Space game, or more specifically, a Dead Space overhaul remake.


We'll know for sure before too long, but again, if it leads to more nail-biting scenes like these, then consider us very excited... and still very scared.

Clip via GameTrailers