WATCH: Evil has returned in the first official footage from System Shock 3 3 years ago

WATCH: Evil has returned in the first official footage from System Shock 3

The long-awaited sequel to one of the best (and scariest!) video games ever is finally on the way!

Discussing how ground-breaking System Shock 2 was when it was released in 1999 requires a conversation that is likely to constantly slip into hyperbole, as would explaining just how influential it would go on to become.


Without it, we probably wouldn't have Deus Ex, and we definitely wouldn't have the spiritual sequel series Bioshock, which then in turn means we probably wouldn't have the majority of well-written scary games of the last few years.

However, the developers behind the System Shock series have had some severe financial difficulties in the last few years, but things seemed to have turned around, with the first teaser for System Shock 3 released this week, and showing us that the evil AI monster Shodan is back to ruin our low heart-rates.

Once again, it looks like we'll be placed upon a space station that has run into some "problems", i.e. evil monsters, people given forced mechanical augmentation, and that already-mentioned evil AI brain running the whole show.

It still appears to be very early in development, so no word on when - or on what platforms - we should expect the upcoming sequel, but whatever the answer, we're excited (and scared!) to get our hands on it!


Clip via OtherSide Entertainment