WATCH: The Viper gets his hands on Battlefield V 2 years ago

WATCH: The Viper gets his hands on Battlefield V

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"Look at this guy, sleepy time!"


While we were certainly fans of Battlefield V, it wasn't the only opinion you needed to hear. The best man for the job was always going to be Castletown native Francis "The Viper" Higgins.

Since he first slithered onto our screens with the other Hardy Bucks, The Viper has been leading the way in gameplay reviews. Nowhere else will you find the kind of in-depth analysis he provides.

We certainly never knew until watching this video that the Germans wanted to call the Second World War "World War 2: Lost in New York." Every day is a school day.

The Viper's Battlefield V review

To test out the latest edition in the iconic series, The Viper sunk his fangs into Battlefield V. The beautifully-rendered battle scenes before him reminded the Viper of the stories his uncle, Private Shlug of the 38th Irish Brigade, told of the war.

Private Shlug's tales would be better heard from the horse's mouth. You certainly won't find such harrowing tales of war anywhere else.

Set in World War Two, Battlefield V is available now to buy online and in stores nationwide. With jaw-dropping graphics, a detailed single-player campaign and massive multiplayer maps, it's the most ambitious Battlefield game to date.


Brought to you by EA Games