Wordle: What is it and how to play 1 year ago

Wordle: What is it and how to play

If you've been on Twitter at all over the last week or two, you've undoubtedly seen these pop up all over the place...

Chances are you've spotted a tweet over the last few days, with people talking about playing Wordle, and following it up with an image of some coloured blocks:


In case you had a passing interesting in the world game that has social media all a-flutter, then let us explain the rules to you:

So the rules are simple, and the goal is simpler: Guess the five letter word.


You've got six chances to get it right, and every guess has to be a valid five-letter word.

After each guess, the colour of tiles will change, as will the colour of the letters on your keyboard.

So if it turns green, then the letter is in the word, and it is in the correct position.

If it turns yellow, then the letter is in the word, but it is not in the correct position.


And if it turns grey, then the letter is not in the word at all.

And that's it!

There is a new Wordle added to the official site (which you can find right here) every night at midnight, with people getting VERY competitive about solving it in as few guesses possible.