Xbox announces great new game... and then released it immediately 2 months ago

Xbox announces great new game... and then released it immediately

The game is absolutely free if you're signed up with Game Pass.

Xbox and Tango Gameworks revealed a new game, Hi-Fi RUSH, a gorgeous rhythm adventure game with the first ever footage trailer... and then announced that the game would be immediately available to purchase and play.


Tango Gamworks are the folks behind recent horror-themed games The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, so this new game is very much a gear shift for them, which is described as "PNO3 meets Jet Set Radio Future" (two very, VERY good games), and it features a soundtrack including Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, The Prodigy, Wolfgang Gartner, and Zwan.

The game's official synopsis is as follows: "Hi-Fi Rush puts you in the beat-up sneakers of Chai, a wannabe rocker wrongfully labeled a defect by a sinister tech corporation. Everything in Hi-Fi Rush automatically syncs to the music, from swinging your trusty guitar to dodging out of the way of an oversized metallic fist.

"Players must feel the rhythm to enhance Chai’s actions, pulling off heavy Beat Hits at the end of a combo like a cymbal crash, or syncing up with one of his allies for a devastating tag-team finisher. In Hi-Fi Rush, every battle is an opportunity to play out your own music video fantasy, seamlessly coordinating all your moves with the soundtrack."


Hi-Fi Rush is available to buy on the Xbox Store for €29.99 right now, and is also available for free if you're signed up with the Xbox Game Pass.