I’m A Celebrity fans 'switch off' minutes into show over 'vile' contestant 3 months ago

I’m A Celebrity fans 'switch off' minutes into show over 'vile' contestant

Oh it was always going to be a controversial one wasn’t it

I’m A Celebrity viewers have been left absolutely sickened to their stomachs after watching last night’s opening episode – and no, it wasn’t down to creepy crawlies.


In fact, it was down to the appearance of Nigel Farage, the controversial former UKIP leader, who is reportedly being paid a massive £1.5 million to appear on the show (the highest fee ever).

Ahead of the show, thousands upon thousands of viewers from across the globe vowed to boycott the show as they kicked off at ITV bosses for giving Farage a platform, however, nothing changed.

Now that Farage has actually appeared on the show, many have taken to X (or Twitter), to explain how they had to turn off prematurely.

One person wrote: “I’ve watched #ImACeleb for 0.5 seconds and Farage’s stupid face and stupid voice already makes me want to turn it off and never watch it again.”


While another raged: “The sight of HIM is making me want to turn off already #imaceleb.”

A third seethed: “@ITV @imacelebrity you should be utterly ashamed of yourself for bringing in and paying an obscene amount of money to the disgusting and vile human being @Nigel_Farage Shame on you! #itv #ImACeleb #disgraceful #belowthebel.”

Another wrote: “Vile really!!! He’s only going in the Jungle to get support and achieve what he really wants to be an MP, at the next General Election It’s all about next year for our Nige! #ImACeleb xxx.”

Even Ant and Dec couldn’t keep quiet about Farage with Dec quipping: “There’s the man who’s got everyone talking. Nigel Farage. Nigel now, not just known for his controversial political career, he’s also got his own show on GB News. Now of course, he won’t be presenting that show over the next three weeks. So we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to all of GB News viewers.” Ant then said: “Sorry Keith, sorry Linda.”


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