Avengers, Black Panther stuntman and three children die in horrific car crash 3 months ago

Avengers, Black Panther stuntman and three children die in horrific car crash

Absolutely tragic.

A stuntman who was known for his work on the Avengers films as well as Black Panther has died after a horrific car crash in the US in which his two children also were killed.


Taraja Ramsess, 41, was involved in a car crash in Dekalb County, Georgia on Halloween night, in which his 13-year-old daughter, Sundari Ramsess, 10-year-old son, Kisasi Ramsess and newborn daughter, Fugibo Ramsess also died.

MailOnline reports the stuntman was driving a pickup truck on an interstate exit ramp when the vehicle crashed into a tractor. Sundari and the newborn Fugibo died immediately, and Kisasi later died in hospital, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A 3-year-old was also taken to hospital and is in a stable condition.

Initial reports suggest Ramsess was driving a Ford F-150 and took an exit ramp where a tractor was broken down in the left lane when they collided.


Ramsess worked in the film industry and did stunt work for Marvel blockbusters like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Tributes pour in for Black Panther stuntman Taraja Ramsess

Tributes have been pouring in, and a GoFundMe set up on behalf of his mother has raised $82,239 so far.

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay posted a tribute to Ramsess on social media.



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‘He walked like a king. And to me, always acted like one. He was a part of our crew family at ARRAY. He left us last night forever in a way that makes the hearts of all who knew him break into a million pieces,’ she said.

‘We’d talk about art and his family. My goodness, did he love his children. I remember one day on set, we didn’t have enough Black background actors for a key scene. I had to recruit my crew members to be on-camera.’


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